Marshmallow Recipe


  • 125g water (for gelatine - step 1)

  • 20g powdered gelatine

  • 2 x 85g glucose

  • 170g castor sugar

  • 60g water

  • Half teaspoon salt

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla paste

  • 50g cornflour

  • 50g icing sugar


Prep an 8" square tin with cooking spray and set aside.

Combine the first lot of water with the gelatine in a microwave safe bowl and set aside to bloom inside your microwave.

In a heat proof pot, combine the first lot of glucose, second lot of water and sugar and bring to the boil. Using your digital thermometer, measure the temperature constantly.

When the temperature reaches 155degrees celsius, turn on your microwave for 1 minute or until your gelatine has melted/liquified.

In your mixer bowl, add the second lot of glucose and the liquified gelatine. Using your whisk attachment, start your machine on low.

When your sugar syrup reaches 125 degrees celsius, slowly pour it into your mixer avoiding the whisk and just pouring it down the inside of your bowl.

If your mixer has a splatter proof attachment, place it on, if not, use a clean tea towel to cover and turn up the mixer to high for 10-12 minutes.

Stop the mixer and add any colours (gel colours such as Americolor or Wilton) and your vanilla to your mixture. If you'd prefer another flavour, I find LorAnn oils perfect for this recipe! Quantity will depend on your tastebuds!

Vanilla marshmallow
Vanilla marshmallow

Turn your machine back on to high to combine the flavours/colours. Once ready, use a spatula to add to your prepared cake tin and smooth out. I find a few good bangs on the bench help to even it out and get rid of any air bubbles that may be hiding.

Leave to set overnight.

The following day, combine your cornflour and icing sugar in a container or zip lock bag. Use some of this mixture and sprinkle out on to your bench. Turn out your marshmallow from your cake tin in to your sugar/cornflour bench.

Dip a knife in this same mixture and cut your marshmallow into your preferred sizes. Add a few at a time to your container/zip lock bag and shake! By doing a few pieces at a time, it works best to ensure it’s completely covered.

Store in an air tight container and they will keep for up to 1 month....unless they're eaten of course!


Pineapple chocolate chip marshmallow
Pineapple chocolate chip marshmallow

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