Best Caramel Sauce Ever!

Updated: Jan 26

Making your own caramel sauce from scratch is a lot easier than you might think, and it takes practically no time at all. It can be used for so many things - Ice cream topping, dipped into fresh strawberries, mixed in with white chocolate to make caramel ganache...EVERYTHING!

strawberries, caramel, caramel sauce
Top this sauce over everything!

I bet you have most of these ingredients in your kitchen so head over there and make this!


3/4 cup sugar (preferably castor sugar or regular white sugar is fine)

3 tablespoons of water

50 grams unsalted butter

350ml heavy cream, heated


  • Stir together the sugar and water in a medium heavy based saucepan until the sugar is moistened.

  • Heat on medium-high, stirring constantly until the sugar dissolved and syrup is bubbling. Stop stirring and allow syrup to boil undisturbed until it turns deep amber

  • While bubbling heat up cream in the microwave for 60 secs. Stir and heat again for another 60secs

  • Remove syrup from the heat and slowly add the heated cream stirring with your spatula or wooden spoon. It will bubble up furiously!

  • Use a silicone spatula or wooden spoon to stir the mixture gently, scraping down the bottom of the pan. Return the pan to very low heat, continuing to stir gently for 1 minute, or until the mixture is uniform in colour and the caramel fully dissolved.

  • Remove pan from heat and gently stir in the butter until incorporated.

There you have it! Caramel sauce! Let it cool to warm and pour over ice cream or dip in your fresh strawberries or add salt flakes for salted caramel....mmmmmmm!!!!


PS This will last 2 weeks in the fridge in a sealed container. I bet it doesn't last more than 2 hours! lol

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