Naked Wedding Cakes for Rustic Weddings

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

The rustic trend has hit and is in full swing! Less is more, and apparently, that applies to wedding cakes too. I'm a sucker for classic fondant wedding cakes, but there's something so fun about these naked wedding cakes! These unfrosted beauties come in all different shapes, sizes and flavours. Beautiful topped with fresh flowers and fruit fillings, although they reject tradition, they are irresistibly adorable.

But what about when it comes to your wedding cake? Naked, semi naked, buttercream....what's the difference?

1. The Naked Cake

As the name implies, this style is the least covered when it comes to the cakes. By layering the cake and using minimal amount of frosting, mainly to stick the layers together or add a decorative touch, these desserts offer a light sweetness in each bite.

2. The Semi-Naked Cake

This is similar to the first however has a little more buttercream or ganache on the outside. You can still see the layers throughout the cake.

3. The Covered Buttercream Cake

As the name states, this style is completely covered in either buttercream or ganache. The tiers and layers are not able to be seen. This is allows different flavours for each tier and still keeping the look complete and flow.

If you think that less icing means your cake will lack flair, then add fruity, flowery touches or macarons and edible gold, to accent the frosting and flavour.

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