Melbourne Cake Crawl and how I destroyed Kaysie Lackey's flower...almost!

Exactly 1 week ago I had the amazing privilege to attend the Australian Cake Decorating Network's Melbourne Cake Crawl. Oh what a cake crawl! What an amazing experience!

What IS a cake crawl you ask? Well, think of it as a pub crawl but with sweets and amazing desserts instead. Food coma, sugar overload excellent company - THE best!

We started off with 50 or so cake fanatic ladies meeting at Queen Victoria Market. Frozen from the cold, way too early a start for the school holidays but it's a sacrifice worth making. Am I right girls?

8:15am hit and we all walked (ok I may have skipped) over the road to out first demonstration. Split into 2 groups, I was lucky enough to head into Kaysie Lackey's demo first!! If you haven't heard of Kaysie, here's a few links for you encompass the enormity of what awaits me....

I mean, the girl has a Wikipedia page!

Sitting in Kaysies class. Image supplied by ACDN

I'm in Kaysies demo where she is explaining how to make a sweet pea flower using her amazing, yet controversial, cutter (another story, another time!).

Ok, here's where I admit, I have no idea what a sweet pea looks like. I'm really not a flower expert. I have no idea that this is an amazing filler flower, that it's super for anything and everything. But that's why I'm here right? Learning learning learning!

Google image of sweet pea. Creator unknown.

Next we move onto the peony. Now this is a flower I HAVE made before.

Kaysie preparing peony petals for wiring. Image supplied by ACDN

This flower is passed around for all to see and inspect. Having the flower passed over to me, I truly admire the way it was so simply yet expertly wired together. I turned it and inspected and then while looking underneath it slipped...slipped right through my fingers......... HORROR!!

It almost all happened in slow motion for me. Just watching this gorgeously made flower land on my shoe and just sit, as if testing my ninja catching skills. I instantly just scooped it between my fingers and just stared while I felt the burning.

Hearing the gasps around me while my cheeks, neck and entire face just turned burning red. My eyes eventually looked up. Kaysie mouthed to me 'it's ok' and the relief overwhelmed me. We laughed and she asked out loud, 'did you drop it?!' I instantly passed the flower quickly (yet gently!) to the next person and covered my face in my hands.

I squeakily replied "yes" and apologised profusely. Kaysie didn't seemed fazed and that's what makes her amazing.

That beautiful peony that I almost killed...!

Next we had demonstrations from Kirsten Tibballs of Savour School who demonstrated some amazing techniques with chocolate.

Chocolate desserts with chocolate princess crown. Image supplied by ACDN

Chocolate fudge lollipops. Image supplied by Lick The Bowl

Next we jumped on the bus and headed to Om Nom with an amazing demonstration of a mango dessert by Cecilia of MasterChef!!

On the bus! Image supplied by ACDN

Cecilia of Masterchef fame

More dessert!

After a spot of lunch and more dessert, I rolled back onto the bus to head off to Miss Biscuit who also had Alisha Henderson at her amazing new shop in Seddon.

With Alisha we created a beautiful hand painted cookie!

Pineapples are all the rage!

But nothing will stand out as much Kaysie, and that bloody flower....

I ended the Melbourne Cake crawl well with a hug and a good laugh! Thanks Kaysie!

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