The Best Impromptu Visit to Bunnings

I don't visit Bunnings regularly. There are few cake items that can be found there. Great storage for the cake items but I dont visit often.

However, today's impromptu visit to grab a few things for hubby, turned out to be a blessing in disguise!

Walking past the DIY area, I noticed a rather shortish (!) guy who seemed so familiar. Shaved hair and large glasses, he had a mortar and pestle and was pounding out a selection of gorgeous smelling herbs. A group of Bunnings employees were very excited and chatted around the other side of his workstation. Curious to what he was cooking up, I approached. With a big smile he said "Hi!"

Instantly from his voice I recognised it was celebrity chef Tobie Pottuck! What followed after that was a hilarious and entertaining one on one cooking class (yes Bunning DIY section was empty-lucky me!!!) with Tobie discussing food,fresh ingredients and all its wonders!

Definitely a fantastic wasy to start 2014 and yes, I will be heading to Bunnings a little more often now...

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