Macarons and Cupcakes

French style macarons are a taste of heaven. Two almond meringue based biscuits, each with a thin shell exterior and a delicate, almost chewy centre, sandwiched together with creamy exotic fillings. The macaron is a tiny little indulgence that bursts with flavour and texture. 


Our newest edition are Macaron Letters/Numbers. Created to really stand out in the crowd, they come in a range of colours and flavours.

This A4 sized macaron cake comes with 2 layers of delicious macaron shell, filled with your flavour choice of swiss meringue buttercream, sprinkled with crispy biscuit chocolate coated pearls and topped off with beautiful decorations that include: edible flowers meringues fresh berries (seasonal) mini macarons in the same colour and flavour and a touch of edible gold/silver leaf

Big enough to serve 10-20 guests, its perfect for family gatherings!

**Substitution note: Due to current climate, there may be instances where a product is unavailable and substitutions may be made. We will endeavour to substitute with like products or equal or greater value.

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