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Last Minute Cake Order

Have you ever had to organise a last minute party or celebration? Perhaps forgotten to order the cake? Are you budget conscious? Don't worry, I can help! Our Last Minute Cake Orders require a minimum 3 days to order and are limited to the flavours/colours and designs listed below. Each one is freshly baked and finished in a swiss meringue buttercream. Prices start from $60 for the semi naked "Do-It-Yourself" style. If you prefer you can have a cake delivered which has "The Works" so no need to do a thing! 

If you prefer a Custom Made cake and have a bit more time up your sleeve, be sure to request a Custom Cake Order Form quote.

Macaron Sampler Pack & Cake Popsicles

French style macarons are a taste of heaven. Two almond meringue based biscuits, each with a thin shell exterior and a delicate, almost chewy centre, sandwiched together with creamy exotic fillings. The macaron is a tiny little indulgence that bursts with flavour and texture. 

Our sampler pack comes in either 12 pack or a 24 pack to add colour to your day! 

Cake Popsicles are a new product which give you that hit of cake without the fuss. Shaped like a ice cream except full of delish cake! A range of flavours and colours are available to suit your needs.